MI & Audio Equipment Design & Repair

– Repair Services
Our repair services offer a wide range of repair services for Musicians and HiFi owners. When your best amp goes faulty and you got a gig that week, you want it repaired and back with you ASAP. We don’t have a long waiting list and most repairs are checked out within the same day. We can normally turn it around in 36/48 hrs (Subject to parts).

• Guitar Amplifier
• Bass Guitar Amplifier
• PA Amplifier
• PA Speaker – Active or Passive
• HiFi Seperates
• Rack Mount Equipment – Pre-amps etc
• Lighting Equipment
• Mixing Console – Powered or passive
• Effect Foot Pedals
• Guitar & Bass Guitar Electrics

* We specialize in “tube-type” or “all tube” amps.
We accept limited numbers of solid state, MOSFET and hybrid type amps. In order to provide the highest level of service on your amp, we have limited our specialization to tube-type guitar and bass amps. However, we are taking in many solid state amps as well. Please contact us before bringing one in to make sure it is a model we work on.

* Warranty
All our repair work is covered by a 3 month parts and labour warranty. This covers the work we did to repair the fault that the equipment came in for. It does not cover other faults that arise within the warranty period, In the event of this happening we will try to repair at a reduced rate or just for the price of the parts.

We also Provide the following services:

– Tone Resurrection
Is what we call the process for giving your vintage amp a full electrical restoration. It includes cleaning or replacement of pots, switches, jacks, sockets, Cap Job Plus, repair of any bad connections. In addition, we the replace any other components that are limiting your amp’s ability to produce the best possible tone. This might include various resistors, wiring, fiber boards, tubes, and other components. Your amp will be given a very thorough listening test and fine tuned until it achieves maximum performance.

– Custom builds and Amp Conversions
You can’t beat the sound from a vintage valve amp, it just has the tone you normally can’t get with todays amps. Vintage amp offen have a vintage price. The option is too get one built or convert the one you have ie Convert a marshall 50watt valve state combo to full valve. You keep the cabinet and speaker and the chassis / Face plate. Fitted 2 x new transformer and valves bases and then the magic happens with some point to point wiring and tag board.
New builds are perfect as you can get the amp you want and fit the extra’s , Ie FX loop or Reverb, Use different tubes

All of the parts like Chassis and face plates and other components are available from our suppliers.
Transformers we normally get made to order this is the cheaper option. Once the decision had been made on
what amp is req’d. we purchase the chassis and get the hardware like transformer and tubes bases- s/ws etc in place
Normally then work out how the wiring is going to go in along side a component template for the Tag / Turrett board
Once happy with this the Tag board will get its components.
Testing is a 3 day process running on full load while checking the signal with a scope and Dummy load.

Tone Resurrection is our specialty and it is what we do best!
It’s impossible to quote a price on this service without a thorough inspection of your amp to see what needs to be replaced.

– Modification & upgrade
• Guitar Amp Modifications and Tweaking
• Effect Pedals (including Multi-type FX console)
• HiFi Seperates …… etc.

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